Anton decided that a normal, settled down life just wasn’t for him.

So he bought a big van and now he travels to wherever the wind's blowing. His life truly revolves around the beach and the water, any type of water. Working as a self-employed carpenter, he's master of his own time and can get out to ride whenever there’s wind or waves.

Meeting everything, from mushy onshore surf, flat blue-water freestyle spots, or his favourite - clean head-high faces fanned by a light offshore breeze - he needs a sail that performs in a wide band of conditions, yet still feels light in the hands. For anything nature presents him with, Anton chooses the ALLSTAR.

allstar_actie.jpgAllStar  - Wave/freestyle

All conditions, all covered

A true crossover, 4-batten all-round sail, designed to be light and direct with a calm and neutral feel. The AllStar especially suits 'light-footed' riders who prefer a sail with a precise, refined and delicate handling. Choose the Allstar for true all-round wave/freestyle performance to cover your needs in any session for that perfect sailing day. Pick a tighter-leeched setting to balance the power for freestyle, or soften it for ripping down the line surf, the Allstar’s tuning range gives you all the control you need.

 Test review reports


'A well-made and competitively priced sail, the AllStar’s real trump card is it's ultra light and precise handling, it's subtle, easy power delivery …’

‘The best words that Attitude use to describe the Allstar are “delicate handling” as that is exactly what it is like. You could almost use the end of a needle to determine exactly where the centre of effort lies, such is the balance and slightness of its handling. Certainly one of the lightest in the group, it can be used to great effect in manoeuvres, going wonderfully neutral as the power is eased out’.

UK Windsurf Magazine October 2015


windcam logo

Attitude Sails AllStar 5.7 test: This newborn Attitude AllStar has convinced us 100% because of its power in light wind conditions and the ability to handle the strongest gusts with ease. The sail feels light and smaller than it actually is. Normally we consider a 5.7 wave sail as large, a 'sacrifice' necessary to be able to plane in minimal conditions. But not the Allstar 5.7, it feels active, responsive and encourages to try new maneuvers. The conclusion: definitely a great choice for light wind conditions and waves. 

WINDCAM.it - may 2014


Attitude Sails Allstar 5.2 & 5.7 test: 'In our opinion, the sailing is a real wave / freestyle ... or as it was once bump & jump, perfect for fun on the water flat learning the first maneuvers, fast enough to make the long edges in planing and strong enough to begin to surf the first waves. 5.7 This can be taken into account by all those who through 5.2 are often in trouble with the planar light wind and they do not want to give up the feeling of "small sail" and handling. 100% 4Windsurf approved!'

4windsurf.it - September 2014 

Size Mast length (cm) Boom Length (cm) Vario top
Cambers Recommended mast
Allstar 3.7 340 + 22* 144 YES no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 340 RDM (SDM Compatible) C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
Allstar 4.2 370 + 12** 152 YES no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 370 RDM (SDM Compatible) C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
Allstar 4.7 400 + 4* 162 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 400 RDM (SDM Compatible) C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
Allstar 5.2 400 + 22 172 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 400 RDM (SDM Compatible) C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
Allstar 5.7 430 + 12 180 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 430 RDM (SDM Compatible) C40 / C60 / C80 / C100

*Also compatible with a 370*/400** mast.


  • Anti-Deformation Stringer

  • Forgiving Dacron Luff Panel

  • Thermoformed Foot Protection

  • Extra Strong 5-Mil X-ply

  • Double Clew Eyelets

  • 3D-Moulded Top Protection

  • PVC Foot Strip

  • Mastsleeve Opener


Can I sail my 4,7 Allstar with a 370 mast?

Yes you can! Actually this works really well especially for lighter sailors or people who are looking for a softer more controllable sail.