When you see him walking down the street, Reinout looks like a typical white-collar guy 

But changing suits whenever there’s a glimpse of breeze and a second to spare, you'll find him at his most important appointment of the day, on the water. Tearing it up, racing back and forth, throwing smooth, laydown gybes, flying upwind then diving back down on the biggest gusts, absolutely screaming. Reinout likes it when his diagnosis adds up. He appreciates subtle power and control, durability and classic performance. Living near a gusty lake, he chooses the RPMs for maximum wind range and stability. His RPMs meet his clinical standard. Who's next?

rpm_actie.jpgRPM - Freerace

Re-set your limits.

The RPM is tailor made for the demanding recreational sailor. There's no compromise with the performance of this six and seven-batten, no-cam engine. It comes very close to the limits of a true slalom sail, but without the cams, yet delivers all the benefits of simplified rigging and handling. The RPM adapts to any kind of conditions, be it angry chop or ironed-flat water. A wide variety of trim settings provides a massive wind range. Of course you don’t have to ride RPM stacked-to-the-max all the time, but we’re sure you’ll find yourself searching out the punchiest gusts and pushing for the red line.


Uk Windsurf Magazine

Attitude Sails RPM test: "A breath of fresh air sees excellence arrive in the windsurfing world out of the blue. A solid, stable product at the racier end of the no-cam scale offering superb speed and handling is sure to set the cat amongst the pigeons. This is no ‘budget’ new player. Attitude sails have launched with exactly the right approach and delivered a quality, value-for money product straight out of the blocks. Chapeau." 

UK Windsurf Magazine - April 2014

Size Mast length (cm) Boom Length (cm) Vario top
Cambers Recommended mast
RPM 5.8 400 + 24 190 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 400 RDM or SDM C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
RPM 6.3 430 + 8 198 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 430 RDM or SDM C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
RPM 6.8 430 + 26 204 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 430 RDM or SDM C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
RPM 7.2 460 + 12 212 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 460 RDM or SDM C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
RPM 7.8 460 + 28 220 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 460 RDM or SDM C40 / C60 / C80 / C100
RPM 8.4 490 + 24 228 NO no-cam Unifiber Flex Top 490 RDM or SDM C40 / C60 / C80 / C100


  • Anti Deformation Stringer

  • EVA Tack & Deck protector

  • Double Clew Eyelets

  • 3D Moulded Top Protection

  • Boom/Clew Cut Out


  • Mastsleeve Opener

  • Boom Height Indicators